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PhD in Clermont-Ferrand France

Posted on: April 14, 2008

Please spread our PhD subject to students likely to be interested in this research area.

************ GENERAL INFORMATION *****************

* Title: Information integration: towards a declarative language “à la SQL” for
query rewriting

* Subtitle: Application to transparent querying of heterogeneous biological data

* Study Area: relational databases, knowledge representation and reasoning, information systems

* Theme: information integration (data and applications)

* Application: integration of biological and medical data, semantic web

* Abstract: The proposed subject concerns the design and study of a language allowing to express queries rewritings in a declarative way (ie for example in the form of a formula). A generic engine will be further implemented to allow the automatic generation of an algorithm associated with a given rewriting from its description. Next, this language will be used to propose new rewritings for ontologies based queries aiming at flexible information integration, in areas such as interoperability of biological data and the semantic web.

* More information : http://laic.u-clermont1.fr/~more/PhDSubjectMoreQuilliotRey.pdf

********* PRACTICAL INFORMATION *************

* Place: Clermont-Ferrand, France

* Funding: Term 3 years – Net monthly wage about 1400 euros

* Start Date: September 2008

* Contacts: Malika More, more@laic.u-clermont1.fr
Christophe Rey, rey@isima.fr

* Research groups: LAIC http://laic.u-clermont1.fr/
LIMOS http://www.isima.fr/limos/

* Deadline for application: May 19, 2008

* Applicants should send a detailed resume + graduate transcipts + email of at least one academic reference

************* TECHNICAL INFORMATION *******************

* Training in computer science or mathematics

* Knowledge of French is not required

* Skills : first-order logic, description logic, relational databases (conjunctive queries, relational algebra, predicate calculus, complex values)

* Languages and tools: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle


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